Ever wish a straight guy would show you his dick like he would show it for a girl?

All giddy to be pulling it out, happy to have you looking, eager to make you smile.

Here you'll find that. Straight guys going online to find girls for some "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" action... but their webcam is a camcorder.

Made In America

Real guys looking for real girls for a little "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours."™
From the guy who brought you StraightCollegeMen.com

It's a packed and noisy room tonight as our straight guys navigate the internet looking for girls. Broderick and Jorge return with another new guy Kade who has a tattoo on the shaft of his dick! You'll probably have to watch this one a couple times to catch it all.

When a girl offers the guys a dildo show in exchange for a kiss we find out that Duke would rather lick ass than kiss a guy, and he does! Rocky and Caleb weren't as shy and locked lips for the prize. Also, this was Ashton's first night so he took the option of not performing.
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